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Nickelstick Balintawak Arnis

Fundamentals And Advanced Lessons

Training Course And Ranking Guide


Lesson I – Exercises:

  1. Body Exercise
  2. Stick Exercise

Lesson II – Stances:

  1. Natural Stance
  2. Bowing / Saludo
  3. Fighting Stance
  4. Forward Stance
  5. Back Stance
  6. Center Stance

Lesson III – Sticks Drilling:

  1. Double Stick Drills
  2. Single Stick Drills

Lesson IV – Method of Teaching:

  1. Delivery of Twelve (12) Basic Strike
  2. Execution of Twelve (12) Defense Position for the Twelve (12) Basic Strike
  3. Delivery of the Twelve (12) Power Strike

Lesson V – Defense and Offense Training:

  1. Basic Strike without Pakgang or without using Stick to Stick Defense
  2. At Random Strike w/out Pakgang or w/out using Stick to Stick Defense
  3. Basic Strike with Pakgang or applying Stick to Stick Defense
  4. At Random Strike with Pakgang or Applying Stick to Stick Defense
  5. Defense and Offense Training with the Combination of Pakgang and w/out Pakgang in Basic and at Random Application 

Lesson VI – Double Stick Defense and Offense Training:

  1. Basic Training Application
  2. At Random Training Application

VII – Grouping Lesson (The Uses of the Left Hand):

Group 1 – Familiarization of Lifting and Clearing with the Different Variations

Group 2 – Familiarization of Clearing and Butting Defense and Variations

  1. Group 3 – Familiarization of Thrust Defense & Proper Body Movements
  2. Group 4 – Familiarization of the Abanico or Fan Strike Defense & Variation
  3. Group 5 – Familiarization of Punching and Butting Defense & Variation
  4. Group 6 – Familiarization of Elbowing and Head-Butting application
  5. Group 7 – Familiarization of Kicking and Foot Sweeping/Tripping Application
  6. Combination of Group 1 to Group 7 with the different variations to fully develop the student’s reflexes

Lesson VII – Butting Application

  1. Basic Butting Training Application
  2. At Random Butting Training Application

Lesson IX – Basic Disarming Application

  1. Six (6) disarming application for the right side strike
  2. Six (6) disarming application for the left side strike
  3. Center thrust disarming application
  4. Right side thrust disarming application
  5. Left side thrust disarming application
  6. At random training disarming application
  7. Empty hand disarming application

Lesson X – Multiple Technique Training Application

  1. Combination of butting and disarming training application
  2. Push and pulling training application


Completion of Lesson I to Lesson X – After passing the Examination will be awarded the Basic and Advanced Lesson Completion Certificate together with the Short Node Stick Level.